Helsinki Junior Challenge teaser and highlight video



Helsinki Junior Challenge teaser and highlight video

Our partners SkyJPhoto will releasea teaser and a highlight video of the tournament weekends.

Helsinki Junior Challenge highlight will be published after both tournaments, but a teaser video will be available on our website and on social media by next week. Stay tuned!

4/11/18Registration time extended until Thursday 19.4.
4/6/18HJC 2018 tournament T-shirt has been released!
3/28/18NOTICE! Change in the Boys E06 Challenge categorie
2/6/18Limited amount of accommodation available
2/2/18The lottery for the main prize among pre-registered teams is done
1/17/18Helsinki Junior Challenge 2018 early bird offer - win a prize worth 500 euros
5/29/17Helsinki Junior Challenge 2017 tournament photos
5/28/17Fat Pipe Fair Play prize winners
5/25/17Fat Pipe Fair Play player of the game
5/22/17Oxdog Fair Play prize winners

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